English Special Program (SEDC-02)

Master skills of writing confidently in the competitive examinations for Bank & Government Jobs, IBA MBA admissions, IELTS, etc. using well-constructed sentences, excellent paragraphs with unity and coherence along with proper punctuations to convey your thoughts effectively. The course acts as both an introduction to quality English writing and a refresher course for those who need to remind themselves of the foundation to English writing. The course provides strategic guidance to form thoughts in English and follow a routine to build excellent writing habits.

Whom this course is for

This course is meant for learners who wish to improve the quality of their English writing in the competitive examinations like Bank & Government Jobs, IBA MBA admissions, IELTS, etc.


Learners require a minimum intermediate level of English in order to follow the instructor effectively. A desire to persevere and master English writing is a must.

What you will learn

  • Write in English with confidence.
  • Write quality sentences.
  • Write excellent paragraphs with unity and coherence.
  • Learn to punctuate properly.
  • Write well-constructed organized essays that express your ideas clearly.

SEDC-02 ব্যাচের শিক্ষার্থীদের দৃষ্টি আকর্ষণ করছি, আপনাদের ফেসবুক সিক্রেট গ্রুপ খোলা হয়েছে। এখন থেকে আপনাদের ব্যাচের সকল আপডেট এই গ্রুপের মাধ্যমে জানানো হবে। তাই সকলকে এই গ্রুপে জয়েনের জন্য অনুরোধ করা হলো। গ্রুপে জয়েনের ক্ষেত্রে অবশ্যই দুটি প্রশ্নের উত্তর দিতে হবে। অন্যথায় আপনার রিকুয়েস্ট এক্সেপ্ট করা হবে না।

গ্রুপ লিংক: https://www.facebook.com/groups/307093661142895

গ্রুপে জয়েনের ক্ষেত্রে যেকোনো প্রয়োজনে 01764612668. (সকাল ১০টা থেকে রাত ১০টা পর্যন্ত)।
একলেকটিক এডুকেশন।

Course content

SEDC-02 Live Class Link

SEDC-02 Jamil Anam Sir

In this module we’ll cover all English topics


JA Lec-01: Sentence & Noun JA Lec-01: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-01: Homework Videos JA Lec-02: Pronoun, Relative Pronoun JA Lec-02: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-02: Homework Videos JA Lec-03: Adjectives, Articles JA Lec-03: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-03: Homework Videos JA Lec-04: Adverb, Modifier JA Lec-04: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-04: Homework Videos JA Lec-05: Participles, Gerund, Infinitive JA Lec-05: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-05: Homework Videos JA Lec-06: Linking Verb, Modifier JA Lec-06: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-06: Homework Videos JA Lec-07: Tense JA Lec-07: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-07: Homework Videos JA Lec-08: Verb, Modals JA Lec-08: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-08: Homework Videos JA Lec-09: Phrase, Clause JA Lec-09: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-09: Homework Videos JA Lec-10: Conditional Sentence JA Lec-10: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-10: Homework Videos JA Lec-11: Embedded Question, Inversion JA Lec-11: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-11: Homework Videos JA Lec-12: Comparison JA Lec-12: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-12: Homework Videos JA Lec-13: Parallel Structure, Agreement JA Lec-13: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-13: Homework Videos JA Lec-14: Subjunctives, Redundancy JA Lec-14: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-14: Homework Videos JA Lec-15: Voice, Narration JA Lec-15: Class Practice Videos JA Lec-15: Homework Videos JA Lec-16: Run on Sentence (30-10-21) JA Lec-17: Run on Sentence (13-11-21) JA Lec-18: SAT-TOEFL Question Solve (20-11-21)

SEDC-02 Shumon Sen Sir

SEDC-02 Kabil Mahmud Sir